Classical Pilates is the practice of specific exercises done with awareness and precision. Classical Pilates is the method Joseph Pilates developed and taught. Diligent adherence to his method will create a uniformly strong, limber and graceful body. The real magic of this method is experienced through following his six guiding principals: center, concentration, control, precision, flow and breath. Much like the practice of an art form, HardCore Pilates Method leaves you with renewed physical energy and lifted spirits.

Some History

This method was developed by Joseph Pilates while working with injured soldiers in W.W.I. He continued to develop and refine his method and machines in NYC, instructing some of the finest athletes and dancers in the world. Joseph believed that his method would further enhance the quality of our lives, and give us abundant energy so that we could perform our daily activities with ease, vigor and natural grace.

The fitness industry has caught on to this body changing method, and is offering all sorts of pilates-based programs. While pilates-based forms may provide a workout, the visible transformation and joy of a Pilates workout can only be experienced through the method as he developed it. The workout is fun, inspiring and will greatly improve your strength, flexibility and posture. At HardCore Pilates Method we are proud to exclusively offer the Classical method as taught by Joseph Pilates.

The practice of Classical Pilates will transform your body and leave you with a renewed sense of well being. At HardCore Pilates we provide authentic classical instruction so that you can experience this transformational workout. It will leave you strong, flexible and inspired. We offer private, semi-private, group classes for you to experience the powerful benefits of Pilates exercise.

Who Can Benefit?

Pilates is appropriate for all body types, from people who are in need of rehabilitation to elite athletes who want to take their performance to the next level. The original method gives its instructors an extraordinary range of exercises to work with so that the method can be tailored to benefit each individual in the most meaningful way.