The next Teacher Training Course with Pure Balance Pilates Instructor Training Center will begin on October 1st, 2016. Please call to reserve your spot! Classes are almost full! In order to hold your spot, you will need to put a deposit of half the class fee. Visit the Pure Balance Pilates Instructor Training Center website for questions or Information.


Mat Certification: $500.00 US- Classical Course Training

Reformer Course Training Level 1: $650.00 US- Classical Course Training
Level 2: $650.00 US
Level 3: $700.00 US
Full Reformer Course Training: All levels: $2,500 US
Pilates Reformer for Rehabilitation: $1,350.00 US

Full Pilates Apparatus Course Training: $5,000.00 Upon graduation you will sit for the Pilates Method Alliance exam. This will be your Final Exam. This is a complete Classical Pilates Teacher Training program.

HardCore Pilates Method Academy is proud to announce that Anna Cooke, the first student of HC Pilates Method Academy, has successfully completed the Pilates Method Alliance certification. She scored in the top percentile of the testing process.