Michelle Branaugh is a Pilates Method Alliance instructor and was one of the first instructors in Las Vegas to pass the Pilates Method Alliance Board of Instruction or PMA in 2005.  Ms. Branaugh is a graduate of Seattle Massage school and is currently attending College of Southern Nevada with a focus on physical therapy.  Ms. Branaugh  is the Director/Co-Owner of HardCore Pilates and has been teaching Pilates since 2003. She is the Owner/Director of Pure Balance Pilates Teacher Training Center and believes her teaching method is a blend of all philosophies of pilates from Classical to Modern Pilates. She has developed her own teaching program called Pure Balance Pilates Teacher Training Center with preparation for the PMA which is the only recognized certifiable body at this time.

Anna Cooke is a Pure Balance Pilates Teacher Training Center graduate and has successfully completed her Pilates Method Alliance certification. Anna has been a professional dancer in Las Vegas for over 17 years and a freelance aerialist for 10 years. Anna is dancing in the Sirens of TI show on the Las Vegas Strip and is in BITE at the Stratosphere as a sub-aerialist.   Anna became a student of pilates after rehabing injuries that she sustained in her carreer and believes that pilates is a great way to maintain strength, balance, core stability to maintain the lumbar spine, and flexibilty.

Shauna Tilp is a graduate of Pure Balance Pilates Teacher Training Center and is expected to sit for her Pilates Method Certification this Summer.

Catarina Marreiro is a graduate of DK Pilates LV.

Crystal Danzer is a graduate of Pure Balance Pilates Teacher Training Center and is working toward her Pilates Method Alliance Certification. Ms. Danzer is currently a dancer in “Jubilee” which is in Bally’s Hotel and Casino on our beautiful Las Vegas Strip.

Amanda Wilk is a student of Pure Balance Pilates Teacher Training Center and is working toward her Pilates Method Alliance Certification.